Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Special Delivery from Down Under

I was sooo surprised today with a very special package from Australia!! It was from my new friend Rosey from agapanthas and goldsworthy How sweet is that---a "just because package". I have never received such a package and just love the idea! It included lots of goodies: a special note and drawing from her girls, a wonderful hand written note from Rosey, little painted rocks for myself and both the kids, a treat for both kids, a sweet little pressed lavender flower---(which smelled really good), a new crafters magazine, and two lovely hand stitched softies. I just LOVE it all---so very thoughtful and personal---I can't thank you enough---I'm so very touched! Kisses to you ALL---Rosey, Lili, Mia, and Claudia!!

Here are all our new treasurers!

Here are the handstitched softies---soo sweet!

The picture doesn't do it justice---it is full of little details.

I'll hang them somewhere special to remind me of you ;-)

Josie absolutely LOVES her new barbie fairy which she named Melissa and has worn her new ring all day today!

And, finally, here is Quen with his new batman---he says thank you too ;-)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you again!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh how absolutely fabulous! I visited Rosey's blog today and really enjoyed myself. It's wonderful to receive a package from a dear friend so far away. :)

agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

i am so glad it arrived! you are very welcome, i am new to this sewing game so my little bird and heart are not very good but they were certainly made with LOVE. we love the names of your children, josie gives me good childhood memories and we have never heard the name quen before. lili is happy your babes liked their presents (once again nothing special but she packed it with love) plus my sister shares the same name as the fairy;0)
talk soon mmmwwah rosey

knitty bitty apparel said...

Hi Rosey! That is so funny about your sister---you'll have to be sure to tell her. And, Quen is short for Quentin---he is named after his Grandpa. And, I could definately tell they were all packaged with love---thank you!

And, yes, Sharon, it was fabulous! I just recently say a blog who had a pay it forward---I love the idea and have been thinking about it. How great is that!!

Anonymous said...

I believe what goes around comes around Stacey so paying it forward is a beautiful way to live! :)

knitty bitty apparel said...

I think so too Sharon!