Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

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i suck at sewing said...

your kids are so very cute!! happy halloween xx

i cant sew said...

is this name better? *^_^*

knitty bitty apparel said... about I love sewing, or I'm a sewer, or sewing down under, or aussie sewer, or ....I like those better---what do you think? mmmmmmwwwwaaaaahhhhh stacey

Anonymous said...

Oh you're little ones are just SO adorable! Hope they had a fabulous Halloween (and mom too)! ;-)

The Designing Diva said...


i cant sew said...

thanks for dropping by i know how busy you are. we do celebrate christmas the same day as the rest of the world (those who celebrate it that is) my work just had their christmas dinner early because i work at a college pre - 12 and the high school start to finish up soon. crazy i know, get this we had a hawaiian themed christmas dinner on halloween!!! big slopy you know whats xx