Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sam's gift

My aunt has been on my case for a new blog here it goes. I really did think I'd have more time to sit and blog more, but I have no idea why----now with a newborn to look after, the days fly be even faster than before ;-)

I'd like to share a really great gift Sam received from Suzy Bee's Surprises. It consisted of several burp cloths, onesies, and the most perfect blanket EVER!! It's the cutest material of a brown backround with colorful circles---perfect for a boy. And, the softest minky material is on the reverse. Best thing about it is that it is the PERFECT size for the carseat. Even in the hotest weather, I don't leave the house without it because I still cover him up in the car, and it seems like all air conditioned buildings are on the chilly side, so I use it all the time. And, I don't have to fold it or bunch it's.....just the perfect size. Are you wanting one??? You can find them here. I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Here's Sam sporting the initial onesie. I can't wait until he fits in the other one with the's so cute!

Have a great day!