Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Custom hat Part 2

Hot off the needles is the custom hat requested by Susan---see post below. I love the way it turned out----I only wish I had a 6 month old to try it on. I'm dying to see what it actually looks like on!! Maybe she'll send me a picture (hint hint)

And, did you all notice my new blogger banner? It's in my Etsy shop too. I just love it---very festive. I bet you want on too? Want to know where to buy one....well, just click here. Sharon is absolutely amazing with her designs, and she loves custom orders as well.

Just one more thing---I've been tagged AGAIN!! I'm embarrassed to say, I have yet to respond to my first tag, sorry Sharon, and now Rosie of agapanthas and goldsworthy has tagged me again. So....I really need to get on the ball....and I will.......

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agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

lllloooovvve the new banner, lili is bugging me to change ours now so once we take photos for our halloween party blog that a fanciful twist is hosting i will change it. yes i tagged you but forgot to tell you :) sorry, it took me about 2 hours to complete that. cant wait to read all about you though. mmmwwaah