Tuesday, November 25, 2008

something for myself

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately. I cannot tell you how busy I've been making my little hats---the holiday rush is in full force---until the middle of December. So, only a few weeks to go, so, I shouldn't complain ;-)

I also had some out of town company---my Aunt Robin and Grandma drove up from Arkansas for a long visit. When we see each other, you'd think it were Christmas time---literally. We shower each other with the best "girly" gifts---it is sooo much fun!!

My aunt had got me this new yarn she found at a yarn shop in Arkansas. It's called Ozark Handspun and it's just about the neatest yarn ever. It's 65% mohair and 35% wool and it is hand dyed and hand spun in the ozarks. You can find it here. What makes it so neat is that is is ever changing---there are long pieces of curly mohair next to "matted" pieces of wool and it is just the best color combinations: moss green to plum with a cranberry shimmer throughout.

I loved knitting this scarf and it made up easily in two nights. She also provided me with these really cool needles topped with handmade polymer clay beads---just lovely! They really made the whole project fun--having new needles ;-) I never make anything for myself and on the rare occasion that I do, I end up giving the items away, but this is one project that is all mine!

The finished product---I think I'm going to add fringe with ribbon in it for each end.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Luna Award

Today I was honored to receive this Luna Award from my friend Sharon at Mana Moon Studios---did you vote for her yet?? Anyways, she stated in her blog that this award is passed onto blogs that inspire you. I'm just tickled to think that I actually inspire people---maybe to do a knit project, bead something, spend time with your kids, cook something for your family, take a really cool picture. Whatever it is, I'm truely honored to receive this award and I'd like to pass it on to a few blogs that really inspire me and are so truely creative! Drum roll please:

Hope you have a wonderful day today!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Vote for Sharon!

My friend Sharon, from Mana Moon Studios, created this absolutely amazing necklace and just entered it in a contest for Stringing Magazine. Her's really is the best entry and if you'd like, you can vote for her here----go ahead----it just takes a second--her's is number 42 (on the last page---page 5). If she wins, she'll be featured in the magazine. Good Luck Sharon!!
P.S. Your hat went into the mail today ;-)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Micro Preemie Hat

So, this is a special little hat I've been working on this morning. A customer contacted me the other day asking if I could make micro preemie hats. She said her friend was getting ready to have her baby at 25 weeks and she'd love to have a few little hats for her. I had no clue what the size of a micro preemie would be, just really teeny tiny. She said the hat should fit a small plum. Can you even imagine? This is the sample I came up with. I'm going to mail it to her today and see what adjustments I'll need to make, if any. Isn't it just precious? I don't know exactly what hats she wants to order, but I'm thinking an apple is a must, don't you ;-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My little angel

Ok...I know I already posted for today, but I just came across this picture of my little flower girl in her cousin's wedding last month. She looks like a little angel ;-) Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!

I just have to share this little pumpkin with you---isn't she just precious?? And, would you believe her mom is justarika---yes, she's the one who was the original winner of my contest and never responded so I had to pick another winner. She wrote and told me who she was I just chuckled ;-)
I also want to share these few pics of the kids really quickly this a.m. I have hundreds and I'll post a really nice family one maybe next time. I just love outdoor pictures of the kids. The lighting is just perfect and I love to catch them when they are not looking.
Hope you have a great day today! I'm going to finally get started on my ever growing "to-make" list of knitty bitty orders. Last night someone ordered three Christmas hats---isn't that crazy---Christmas is right around the corner!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm back from vacation!

Thanks to Sharon from Mana Moon, I figured out my picture upload problem. Really simple to fix, but I won't have been able to fix it myself---so thanks again Sharon.

We spent an entire week on St. George Island, Florida in a beach front beach house. It was beautiful---the house, the beach, the ocean, and a really good time was had by all! I was able to get in a few creative days making some beaded items for Christmas gifts---I'll post them later and I'm working on a pair of socks for my husband using the magic loop. It's super easy and a lot of fun. Usually a pair of socks takes 4 needles all in use at once, but with the magic loop, you only need one ;-) I was hoping to finish one sock while I was there, but only got about this far. When you had an ocean view and the kids playing in the sand, it was hard to keep focused on a sock. More to come soon.......


Can anyone help me? I'm trying to upload pictures and for some reason, it's showing the html (I guess that's what you'd call it) It's only showing the letter configurations instead of the actual pictures. It's never done that before. Does anyone know what I can do to fix it?????????? Thank you!!!!!!!!!