Monday, December 8, 2008

Custom Striped Hat

Who doesn't love a kid in a cute striped hat? They are so fun and colorful and I don't really make enough of them! I recently had a customer contact me to make her three striped hats. I won't tell you how many times she changed her mind on the striped pattern, but the results are really cute!! I hope she likes them. I only messed up on one of them, so my friend Christa, from Motivating Mommies got a freebie this week.



i cant sew said...

really sweet. it never seems to get cold enough here in sunny queensladn to need a beenie, however i notice the young hip folk love to wear them even in the height of summer! keep knitting.xx

Anonymous said...

Oh they're just adorable Stacey! You always make the cutest creations.

Roxy said...

YES, and I LOVE it... and JACKSON loves it too!!!
THANK YOU for the freebie!
Missed you today,

Andrea said...

Love them! So cute :)