Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My blog has a whole new look!

Ok....notice anything different about my blog today?? Yes, it received a whole new make-over. Don't you just love it?? I do!! My friend Andrea from And then there were three mentioned that she wanted to start designing blogs. She is just getting started and has redesigned hers several times now. She is completely self-taught and I loved her work that I've seen on her own blog. I eagerly offered to be her first customer. And, I just love the results.

Andrea was a dream to work with. I just picked a package design that I like---it had the colors that I was looking for and let her creativity do the rest. She was so open to any changes that I had---and there were just a few----and the whole experience was wonderful. Not to mention she was so quick!!

So, are you wanting a new look for your blog? Well, you can find here here. I'll let you know when she is "officially" open for business, which I think will be really soon.



The Designing Diva said...

Love the new look Stacey! I need to spruce mine up a bit with a pretty background, I'll have to check out your friend's site! Talk to you soon!

Roxy said...

LOVE IT!!! Kuddos to you and ANDREA...GREAT JOB!
Love the pic of the kiddos in hats!

i cant sew said...

this is great, so big and easy to read. she has done a great job. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Stacey this is absolutely adorable!! I love it!!