Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day Gift part 2

Well, this is what we came up with. I think they turned out really cute. It was a little hard writing in the cement------ it kept piling up on the sides, but other than that, I'm really happy with the whole project. I made little "photo marbles" with new pictures of the kids so I think they are going to really love them! The one for grandpa says We love Grandpa, and daddy's is a "Family Tree" It was actually featured on the box and I think it looks pretty close. We are going to Indy for the weekend, so I'm going to try to hide them in the car and have the kids give them to daddy and grandpa on Sunday. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Stephanie said...

Too Cute! Neat photo marbles...hmmm...that really gets my creativity sparked:)

Andrea said...

Hi Stacey,

I saw you listed on Christa's blog and thought I'd check out yours! I have a lot of friends that are expecting. If you don't mind I'll list your address on my page and maybe drum up some business for you! Here's our blog:


knitty bitty apparel said...

Hi Andrea! Thanks so much for your support----I tried to get on your blog, but was unable to access anything, and I'm not able to use your link on this page either---any help? Thanks so much! Stacey