Friday, August 8, 2008

All things TEA

This is the final entry about my tea party---can you tell I really enjoyed it? I just wanted to share a few things that I had gotten for it from two amazing Etsy sellers. As prizes for the party, my grandma made aprons, potholders, and pillowcases. I made bracelets with a teapot on them, my teapot bookmarks, and my Aunt Sue made the cutest tea towels. I was so very tempted to keep them for myself---I LOVED them. But, I actually decided to put together a little goodie tote (also tea themed) for my sil to remember her special day with.
I included all the tea themed items from above in this super cute tote I found on Etsy. The tote can be found here, PintsizeHome, and you won't believe the prices!!
These are the teapot bracelets that I made for my sil, prizes, and of course, one for my Aunt and myself to wear during the party ; -)
Finally, these amazing tea towels were made by my Aunt Sue from SuzyBeesSurprises and you can find her here. The bride to be just loved them!! She also sent my kids their own initial towel (which she carries in her shop) with a bar of soap, and they couldn't wait to wash their hands. They are just perfect!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how absolutely gorgeous all the creations were that you put together and you're aunt is so talented too!!