Monday, August 18, 2008

Our first Triathalon

We had a very busy weekend---we participated in our first ever sprint triathalon. It was sponsered by the YMCA and consisted of a 1/2 half mile lake swim, a 19 mile (VERY HILLY) bike ride and a 3 mile run. We've been training since eary spring and we actually joined a training group in June that had a run, swim and bike coach. It was a wonderful experience and I really got in good shape. My goal was to finish the entire race in 2 hours and I did it in 1hr and 51 minutes, so I'm thrilled with that time. My hubby finished in 1 hr and 39 minutes. I'm trying to get Christa of motivating mommies to do it with me next year---she claims she doesn't swim in lakes---we'll just see about that!!

The start of the lake swim

In the transition area---getting ready for the bike ride (what a face ;-)

Running my bike up to the road to start the ride

Almost to the finish line!

The proud finishers!!


Roxy said...

I'm SO PROUD of you!! Way to GO!!!
Thanks for the "pressure" bet is that you'll be expecting, and it will be my "exit" out of the race. Maybe the "mini marathon"?

Andrea said...

AWESOME!! Congrats :)

manamoon said...

Oh my gosh Stacey!! How absolutely fabulous and what an accomplishment!! Gee I thought I was doing great just by getting out on the tennis court a couple of times each week - hah! I'm sure you're both very proud and it's well deserved! (fabulous photo of your two as well!!)

manamoon said...

Please visit my blog for an award you've received - thanks!