Wednesday, August 27, 2008

flower girl baskets

My sil is getting married next weekend and she called me on Sunday wanting me to look at some flower girl baskets she found on Etsy. I looked at them and thought they were really cute---they looked like moss covered baskets with a ribbon handle---and they were 30 dollars a piece. That didn't include any flowers on them. And, she needs three of them---so it was going to be about 100 dollars for three baskets that she was going to have to embellish herself. So.....I told her I'd find something for her. Off I went to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies and about two hours later, I made three baskets cheaper than 30 dollars. I'm pretty proud of myself, and I think they are just adorable. I just hope the bride like them ;-)

I can hardly wait to see Josie walking down the isle with hers!!


agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

perfect!! your sil is lucky to have you! have a great time and take lots of pics for your friends in cyber space. mmwah rosey

knitty bitty apparel said...

Thanks Rosey!