Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Princess Bracelet

About a month ago, a repeat customer of mine asked if I could make a princess bracelet for her. It took awhile to find the "perfect" princess beads. Most had an actual little princess---with either brown or blond hair, but I wanted something a little less specific. So, I found these beads: Tierra, slipper, and rosebud. I love them---and the tierra and slipper have a little rhinestone in them. So cute!

For some reason, some bracelets are harder to design than others. This one was really hard---you wouldn't think so, would you? It took several designs before I came up with this one. I'm very pleased with it---and I use a large variety of beads----it even has pink cat's eye beads. I also made the growth chain charm really fancy. I'm sure any princess would love to wear this!!

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