Monday, May 5, 2008

I love geraniums

My Great Grandma Ora Pritchard always told me her favorite flowers to plant every year are geraniums. I guess that is why every year I have to plant them in pots on my front porch. I just love them-----and it reminds me of my Great Grandma!

Here's my flowers before I started. I went to Lowe's for the Geraniums and then a trip to the nursery for the filler plants. I usually use a spike in the middle, but I decided to skip them this year. And, of course I have on my cute pink crocs for all my yardwork and gardening!

Here are the finished pots. I have on a cute wire plant stand that holds the pot with the red, white, and purple flowers.

The other two are the same and are pinks, reds, yellow, and purple. They are so cheery on my porch----I keep peeking outside just to see them ; - )

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