Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Organza flowers

I was on Etsy recently browsing and I saw the prettiest pin/brooch. It was a beautiful layered flower made from organza, tulle, lace, etc. I almost purchased two as gifts, but then the crafter in me said, no, you could easily make them.

Now, I've had those urges hundred of times with other projects, gone out and purchased ALL the necessary supplies and sometimes made the project, sometimes not. But, usually spent way more than if I would have just purchased the item from someone else. But, this one actually worked out in my favor. The materials were very inexpensive and I made four of them in no time for gifts. Well, actually I did keep one for myself---which I never do ;-)

I put mine on my new chocolate brown jacket and it looks soo pretty and femanine. I'm thinking I'll add them to my shop after my move.



i cant sew said...

what move?? what am i missing? they are wonderful.
mmwwaahh rosey

Andrea said...

those are gorgeous! You're so talented :)

Roxy said...

I love it...thank you!!!
Up early this am???

Mana Moon Studios said...

These are just gorgeous Stacey! I saw the tutorial of how to make them on Etsy but didn't realize how easy they were to make. I don't blame you a bit for keeping one and just LOVE the colors you chose, beautiful!