Tuesday, November 25, 2008

something for myself

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately. I cannot tell you how busy I've been making my little hats---the holiday rush is in full force---until the middle of December. So, only a few weeks to go, so, I shouldn't complain ;-)

I also had some out of town company---my Aunt Robin and Grandma drove up from Arkansas for a long visit. When we see each other, you'd think it were Christmas time---literally. We shower each other with the best "girly" gifts---it is sooo much fun!!

My aunt had got me this new yarn she found at a yarn shop in Arkansas. It's called Ozark Handspun and it's just about the neatest yarn ever. It's 65% mohair and 35% wool and it is hand dyed and hand spun in the ozarks. You can find it here. What makes it so neat is that is is ever changing---there are long pieces of curly mohair next to "matted" pieces of wool and it is just the best color combinations: moss green to plum with a cranberry shimmer throughout.

I loved knitting this scarf and it made up easily in two nights. She also provided me with these really cool needles topped with handmade polymer clay beads---just lovely! They really made the whole project fun--having new needles ;-) I never make anything for myself and on the rare occasion that I do, I end up giving the items away, but this is one project that is all mine!

The finished product---I think I'm going to add fringe with ribbon in it for each end.


Roxy said...

love it... go for the FRINGE!! Make it "V" like!
Missed you today...but totally understand. Don't work too hard...see you in the am.

i cant sew said...

your fingers must be little nubs by now! great scarf how nice to make something for yourself. i am going to see my aunty that i havent seen in ages next weekend and i am really looking forward to it. have a great wednesday. xxrosey

Anonymous said...

Oh my that yarn is luscious! Just stopping by to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving my dear friend♥