Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

I just have to share this little pumpkin with you---isn't she just precious?? And, would you believe her mom is justarika---yes, she's the one who was the original winner of my contest and never responded so I had to pick another winner. She wrote and told me who she was I just chuckled ;-)
I also want to share these few pics of the kids really quickly this a.m. I have hundreds and I'll post a really nice family one maybe next time. I just love outdoor pictures of the kids. The lighting is just perfect and I love to catch them when they are not looking.
Hope you have a great day today! I'm going to finally get started on my ever growing "to-make" list of knitty bitty orders. Last night someone ordered three Christmas hats---isn't that crazy---Christmas is right around the corner!!


Roxy said...

Love the pumpkin gal! Too bad justerika didn't get that "free" hat...maybe she'll just have to order another one.
Love pic's of the wishing I was at the beach

Anonymous said...

Shhhh... let's not talk about Christmas. ;-)

Oh these photos are just adorable! That little pumpkin is so precious and I can't believe it was from the infamous justarika! Your children are so darling and you captured they angelic innocence perfectly!

JustErika said...

YAY my little one made it to your Blog! I call this pic Pumpkin Pie a la Emma =)
Your kids are gorgeous, great pics!

knitty bitty apparel said...

So glad you like it Erika---and thanks for checking back ;-)

The Designing Diva said...

Yay! Over in my neck of the woods! Did you enjoy Florida?! Love the new pics!

steph said...

Checking in cause a little birdie told me you were home! Love reading your blog! I am ALWAYS inspired by your creativity:) Very soon I will be picking up my first set of knitting needles...until then I'm crocheting a pink sweater for my mom's VERY tiny puppy!