Monday, September 7, 2009

New football hat

It's been awhile since I've created a new themed hat and I owe this one to my friend Melody. She is patiently awaiting the birth of her fourth son and she asked me to create a football hat to complete his special take home outfit. I must admit, I did procrastinate just a tad as I always do, but this is what I created for her. I loved it so much I immediately listed it in my Etsy shop and made one for my little guy. Now to get one made for Quentin too! Football games are right around the corner---do you need one?? Click here to find it in my Etsy shop ;-)

Here's Sam sporting his new football hat.

It also made an Etsy treasury over the weekend too!! Do you see me??

Have a great day!



Roxy said...

love it!! SAme looks adorable in it...way to go on "scorring" the Etsy shop

i cant sew said...

you are so clever... i would love to be in someones treasury...
sam is gorgeous