Friday, June 5, 2009

Strawberry picking

We went strawberry picking yesterday....probably not the best time to go. The season is just about over and it was a rather cool day here---in the low 60's (which it has been in the uppper 80's) so the kids complained they were cold, their feet were wet, they had to go potty, the berries were not very plentiful and the ones they could find were either rotten or dirty so they couldn't eat them. Sound like fun ;-)

No, it wasn't that bad. We managed to pick about 9 pounds. Not quite the experience we had last year---I think we picked over 35 pounds and canned jam, but not this year---too many other things going on. Just picked enough to eat for the next few days.

Hope you have a GREAT day today!!



The Designing Diva said...

We missed the berry picking season too, but atleast you still took the kids~:o) Your pictures came out beautiful!

Roxy said...

yummy! Grab some pound cake from SAMs and have it with some of those berries!

i cant sew said...

your children are so sweet just like stawberries!
dont you hate it when everyone wants to go to the toilet!! cant wait to hear about the birth of number 3 :)

Roxy said...

see my blog on 6/9 for an award