Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ghostly Onesie

I just got the ghost onesie done to coordinate with the new hat---for the lady whose newborn is going to be a ghost for Halloween. She originally just requested a onesie with the word boo on it, but I couldn't resist these cute little ghosts. I think I'll embroider Boo near the bottom or top of the ghost if she wants that on there too. I wonder which she'll like better? My little Quen is definitely going to get this set!

Last night I made this bracelet as a gift for my Aunt in Georgia. She let me borrow some very special chocolate sucker molds for a bachelorette party----so I'm sure you can image what they were molds of. I had gotten these silver noodle beads awhile back and I've been wanting to make something with them. I'm hoping she'll wear it to work. Anyone else want one ;-) ?

Finally, today is my Anniversary!! Eight years of wedded bliss...and many many more!!!


agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

love it all! did you create the ghosts? and the bracelet is beautiful. my husband and i will celebrate our 8th year on the 23rd of december this year, well done and congrats. it is easy to be in love and happy:) hope you get treated to a special night for your anniversary. mmwah rosey

knitty bitty apparel said...

HI Rosey! Yes, I did create the ghost---a customer had requested it for her newborn. And, I just sold one to someone in HI too--how fun! mmwah Stacey

manamoon said...

Oh Happy Anniversary Stacey! That Halloween set is just TOO cute!!

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary!